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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Image transfer iPhone to computer

Break free from struggling with iPhoto and iTunes to retrieve images from your iPhone! Instead use Image Capture, or even Preview. Preview allows you to do some basic image editing, as well.

First, simply connect your iPhone to your computer (maybe you can also use WiFi, but I don't).

Using Image Capture

  • Open up Image Capture.
  • Your iPhone will appear under Devices and you'll get a list of thumbnails in the window (omg, what a lot of images I've got there!) 
  • Set the folder to Import to in the usual way
  • Select the images to be imported
  • If you want to delete them from the iPhone, you need to select them all, cmd-a, or those you want. Once imported, you have the option of deleting them from the phone.

Using Preview

  • Open up Preview
  • > File > Import from iPhone
  • Thumbnails of your images appear.
  • Select those to be imported, or Import all
  • Click Import
  • You can then select the folder to import to
  • And also choose to delete the selected images from the iPhone.
  • The imported images open up in Preview.
  • There you can delete selected images (cmd-backspace sends them to the trash)
  • Or edit them, using > Tools > Adjust colour or > Adjust size.
  • Adjust colour provides various adjustments and to sharpen the image, too. And you can crop by using the cursor to draw a rectangle, then > Tools > Crop.
  • You can also Rename the file, but I find that a very tedious way to do it.

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