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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Convert ebooks for any reader - Kindle etc

As ever we have to run to keep up with the shifting download urls. As I post, here are the latest DeDRM tools, v5.1, the vital component for ebook conversion:


To use:
- Install Calibre and open it
- Go to Calibre's Preferences (under Calibre in the top menu)
- Under Advanced, click Plugins
- Select Load plugin from file
- Navigate to the folder of Tools
- In the sub folder inside that, Calibre plugins, click and load each of the zip files in turn
- Click the green Apply tick, top left

Well, this setup works for me - Mac OS Lion, Kobo ereader, ebook purchased from let's say a large river site. Although I have to admit it is quite an elaborate to-do.

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