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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Solved: FINALLY got rid of DivX Plus popup and reminder

Yes! I've finally done it! No more popups from DivX Plus. Just search every item in both your libraries: the User library in your Home folder, and the system library in your Macintosh HD folder. Delete anything DivX and also anything Google.

You'll then need to download and reinstall Google stuff - it's free of course.

I had already deleted every single DivX item as described below. But in Google Chrome DivX plus appeared again, offering plugin services.

My earlier attempt - this got rid of the reminder pop-up

Quite a few posts on this from people desperate to get rid of the DivX Plus Update popup. This reappears constantly even if you delete the DivX application. (Useless software, don't go there)

To eliminate anything labelled DivX, I checked every single folder in both Libraries. To see your Library folder, hold down Option which clicking on Go.  There is a Library folder in your Home folder and also one in the Macintosh HD folder as well.

DivX plus items were lurking all over the place. I deleted each item by hand.

Surely these files should have shown up in a Search, but they didn't. Perhaps there's a special search for looking for system files.

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